" Mastiff 8019L longer 6"" 10mm (0.39 "") titanium reinforced hardened steel hexagonal link chain for more locking options. Hexagonal and square links present more hardened surfaces than round links making sawing and cutting virtually impossible. Titanium surface hardening vastly increase cut and saw resistance. Embroidered nylon chain covers wont crack or peel for long lasting beauty. Velcro tabs keep cover in place to help protect paint and finishes.


Chain dimensions: 180cm x 10mm Shackle diameter: 14mm Hardened steel Key Features: 

  • Automatic keyway cover weatherproofs the lock meachanism
  • 10mm (0.39 "") titanium reinforced hardened steel hexagonal link chain resists cutting or prying
  • Chain cover protects paint and finishes embroidered logo won""t flake or wear off
  • Bump proof Z-Cylinder resistant to picking pulling and drilling
  • Includes 5 laser cut keys 1 with in built micro LED

Cargo Bike Lock