Babboe Says

'The Babboe Dog-E cargo bike is the ideal solution for any dog lover. Take your four-legged friends anywhere in the Babboe Dog cargo bike. An effortless ride thanks to the pedal assistance with 8 different modes. A convenient ramp allows dogs to walk in and out of the cargo bike on their own. There’s even room for two children.'


We Say

'We have run one of these for a year now, it has done over 1000 miles faultlessly, and we have not even had a puncture. It's our owner's main form of transport, commuting 8 miles each day rain or shine. Archie loves it and his dog bed fits perfectly. 35 kilos of Weimeraner, 85 kilos of rider and various other stuff does not hold the Babboe up!'

Babboe Dog E