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Specialist Cargo Bike Shop selling and servicing in Brighton and Hove


About Us

Our Story

Since 2011, Only 3 Elements has been delivering Charity Focussed Team Events so far we have donated in excess of £1million of equipment including Bikes, Specialist Trikes, Wheelchairs, Skateboards and Care Packs.


We began selling Cargo Bikes in 2019 and have enjoyed helping our new customers get in to sustainable transport, if you are in Brighton, Hove or Worthing you will see them zipping about with huge smiles on their faces.

The current situation has meant that in order to continue to support the charities we work with (we supported 50 in 2019) we are now selling the full range of bikes, accessories and servicing with portion of our income going to support our specialist Trike project.


We're proud to have produced years of happy clients and through our new venture we look forward to continuing our work for many more to come! What are you waiting for? Stop by our store today for an exceptional shopping experience.